• Sprocket_fukada
    Koji Fukada

    Sprocket, Inc.
    Co-Founder & CEO

    Sprocket is a CRO tool for e-commerce players. As you may know, “cart abandonment” has always been a big issue for most of e-commerce players. Surprisingly, top reasons why this problem happens are like “Presented unexpected cost”, “Concerns about security or personal information”, or “Unclear return policy”. There could be a big potential of decreasing cart abandonment rate by presenting users those information before they leave.
    Sprocket gains its CRO results by filling such gaps. Sprocket presents real time automated navigations which are shown in clients’ web sites or mobile apps while a user is browsing in accordance with her behaviors. At the right timing and the right context, this will guide users to appropriate information and keep them on the site by removing all those unnecessary concerns they have in their mind. Activate your users more by integrating Sprocket into your services.