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    蜂巣 健一

    Tobii Technology K.K.
    General Manager

    For a decade or more, I have been involved with management of high-tech start-ups, as one of board members, for search engine, e-commerce, digital media and eye tracking. After I graduated from the faculty of law at Waseda University, one of Japan's top private schools, I worked at ITOCHU Corporation, one of the leading and global "sogo shosha", which has 130 bases in 66 countries, for 10 years. I was in charge of brand licensing businesses of European luxury brands (stationed in UK), OEM productions for American/European brands in China and Southeast Asia, launches of Japan branches for European/American brands and development of Asian markets at the corporate strategy department. After that, I worked for McCann Erickson, one of the leading and global AD agencies, for 3 years and was in charge of marketing and advertising for global high tech companies, like Microsoft. Specialties: Eye Tracking, Biometrics, Marketing, Sales, Management, Global Business, Internet, Advertising, Digital Media, Cross Media, Marketing Research, Usability, Natural User Interface, Neuro Marketing