• koji-fukada
    深田 浩嗣

    Sprocket, Inc.

    Koji Fukada: Co-Founder & CEO of Sprocket, Inc. Co-Founder & board of Yumemi, Inc. Co-Founder & ex Co-Chair of H2 Tokyo chapter Visiting Professor of Digital Hollywood University Graduate School BA of Computer Science at Kyoto University In 2000, when Koji was a graduate university student at Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University , he founded Yumemi to focus on cultivating the very earliest stage of mobile internet, though no one else was agreed to the bright future of mobile at that time. Since 2006 he has been focusing on mobile marketing technology, providing mobile marketing platform to large enterprises. Yumemi's major clients include McDonald's Japan, Uniqlo, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Honda, Toysurus, and so on. (Koji dropped out In 2010, Koji's focus has shifted to applying the concept of gamification into digital marketing field. He wrote and published the first book about gamification in Japan in 2011,and the second one in 2012. Since then he has been regarded as a thought leader in this field. In 2012, Koji started new business which focuses on customer nurturing automation incorporating gamificaiton concept as its secret sauce by providing a SaaS product named "Sprocket". Sprocket is built based on a wholy new concept which is to automate digital communication to motivate customers by stimulating their own desire. Using Koji's fruitful mobile marketing experience, Sprocket is a mobile-first customer nurturing and communication automation software for B2C based owned media. In 2014, Koji founded his second company, Sprocket, Inc.. and resigned from Yumemi's President to focus on Sprocket business. His challenge in Sprocket is to create long term, faithful, and friendly relationship(Koji calls this as "Omotenashi relationship" that is named after a tradition of his birth place, Kyoto) between enterprises and customers in this digital age and expand this not only to his comfortable zone, Japanese market, but also to the US market ,the largest and most influential market of the world.